About Us

The Mayofis family

YOFFI - a family business, offers a wide range of the finest, premium Israeli foods and gourmet gifts, all in elegant and modern packaging. Each of our products are completely natural, containing the authentic taste of Israel.   

Among YOFFI's branded goods are honey, herbal teas, products made with dates and tahinis and many more. What makes our food taste unique is that it is produced locally by our partners - small businesses, who use age-old recipes passed across generations.

When choosing our suppliers, we prefer family businesses - just like ours. All of our products are kosher (pareve) and are incredibly popular amongst vegetarians and vegans. We use only natural ingredients, so there are no added preservatives, food colorings or artificial flavorings. Thanks to YOFFI you and your family can try authentic delicacies that Israeli people have been relishing during holidays, and every day, for generations.

YOFFI works actively with non-profit organizations to provide work for people with disabilities. 

Our story is a story of the repatriation to Israel of a big family, with the word “yoffi” part of our name. We moved to this country, fell in love with it and decided to show our love with these premium-class products created using authentic Israeli flavors.        

With love,

The Mayofis family.